Faces of Forsite: Meet Brad Lindemann

04.06.20 07:48 PM By Forsite Benefits

Benefit Advisor Brad Lindemann joined the Forsite Benefits & Wellness team in his hometown of Green Bay, Wisconsin in 2018. While the last fifteen years of his career have been spent helping individuals navigate employee benefits, the earliest years of Brad's career were in the military.

“I was stationed in Germany for two and a half years which allowed me to travel and experience another culture and try new food. I absolutely loved my time in the army. I was good at my job. It prepared me for the intangible lessons of life like how to work with all different types of people. That was a great skill to bring into my current field where I work with all kinds of individuals in navigating their employee benefits, which can be confusing and frustrating for them.”


Through years of assisting individuals in navigating their benefits and utilizing healthcare intelligently, Brad can speak to and advocate for the importance of employers understanding the struggles of their employees when it comes to healthcare navigation and creating a positive employee experience.


“To create a positive employee experience, an organization needs to communicate effectively with their employees, engage them in the company culture, and actively promote and educate their team members on the incredible benefit plan that they spend so much time and effort creating.


Employees need to be educated on every benefit that is built into their benefit plan. With that knowledge and awareness, employees also need easy access to all their benefit information in one place and should receive regular reminders of the perks available for their use and how to use them.”


Having experience as an employee and team leader himself, Brad understands firsthand the frustrations of missing out on benefits or not using benefits effectively due to a lack of communication and education.

“I have in the past been on a benefit plan with tons of amazing benefits that I was totally unaware existed. On top of that, once I learned that they were available to me, I had no idea how to get started using them or where to find that information. It was frustrating! Due to the Impact an attractive benefits package has on recruitment and retention for a company, your company-sponsored employee benefit plan really needs to be communicated effectively, and continuously marketed to your employees.”


15 years of benefit navigation assistance and his personal experiences make Brad an invaluable resource for employers when establishing, building upon or rebuilding the way employees are communicated with and engaged in company culture and benefits. Brad provides detailed insight into the struggles employees are facing today that employers might not know about, communication solutions to address these struggles and what information employers need to share with their employees.


“The most common questions I get from employees on healthcare navigation are pretty basic questions that can and should be answered with internal company benefits education. An example of this is employees not knowing who to call when they have a benefits question. I often get asked billing questions as well including how to pay, who to pay, and how much the employee owes after their insurance kicks in. There are so, so many basic educational tips employers can be sharing with their employees to be a better healthcare consumer and save money for themselves and the company.”


Brad’s Employee Engagement Tips for Employers

1.  Communicate with your employees consistently and frequently on company updates and benefit information.


2. Give your employees a voice.

a. Ask for their input, send out surveys, and respond to their suggestions and opinions. This two-way communication method will also let employers tap into their employees’ frustrations.


2.  Be a mindful leader.

a.  People love working for an engaging, kind and encouraging leader that cares about them, their wellbeing, and getting the most out of their experience with you as an employer.