Faces of Forsite: Meet Missy Steffek

19.01.21 10:19 PM By Forsite Benefits

Benefit Advisor, Missy Steffek, is a Green Bay, Wisconsin Native and found her career in the field of healthcare early on. She has a vast background in healthcare sales including pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, hospital distribution, and insurance.

During her time as a student at UW Madison, while majoring in Spanish, Missy studied abroad and found much joy in travel.

“I have always loved traveling and learning about different cultures. While most of my jobs had me traveling away from my hometown, a small stint of my career was with the Greater Green Bay Chamber as Director of Membership and Retention. The highlight of this role was getting a deep sense of the Green Bay community; what businesses make up our home, make us successful, and therefore bring the flavor of culture we have.”

While working close to home and connecting with the Green Bay community, Missy made note that non-profits are a lot of the area’s make up.

“I am currently on The Salvation Army Advisory Board that helps people of all ages, from children to seniors, community members who may be struggling with hunger and homelessness, enrichment for children and adults, among much more. The impact our non-profits have in our community is huge; providing food, shelter, care, financial resources, and support and professional growth at such great scale.”

Professionally, Missy is the Chair of the Membership Committee for the Green Bay Chapter of SHRM. She has also been Program Chair for an organization that helps promote professional women within our community. This opportunity allowed Missy to meet a lot of amazing leaders. She believes that diversity and inclusion are very important, and that we need to elevate one another, no matter our origins, stages of life or capabilities.

“I am also on the Gourmet Wishes Leadership Committee for Make-A-Wish. When a group like Make-A-Wish impacts your family and loved ones, you want to give back to them. The impact this organization brings children, and their entire family, during some of their hardest times, is unbelievable.”

Being a frequent user and experienced navigator of healthcare, Missy believes deeply in the importance of proper communication and education when it comes to company-sponsored benefit programs.

“My medical needs were minimal to nothing until the day I found out my first-born child had Spina Bifida. Due to this, I am (almost) daily, certainly weekly, navigating the insurance world at many different levels. Without a lot of experience prior to having my child, my anxiety levels were very high as we started to see our Explanation of Benefit statements come in the mail after he was born. The birth of my son alone was over $750,000. At the time, I did not have immediate access to someone to help me navigate and understand how to work through insurance. I now realize that this could have been a less stressful situation had I been properly educated on my medical insurance or had access to educational resources."

"Due to my personal experience, I find great joy in helping others. It is the passion that drives me to be a better resource! I have experienced the frustrations, anxiety, and every emotion one might feel, when it comes to understanding (or not understanding) their benefits.”

Through her experiences, Missy is an incredible connection for any human resources or leadership professional seeking benefit communication and open enrollment advice. Always eager to help, Missy can be reached at msteffek@forsitebenefits.com. Missy advocates for the most effective virtual enrollment tools, app-based communication technology, and other solutions that will offer all employees top-notch educational materials at their fingertips, 24/7.

“I used to think there was nothing more boring than insurance. Then I sat down with the team at Forsite Benefits. I learned what makes them unique, and how they help people understand their benefits and be the best healthcare consumers they can be. It was apparent their mission was also to help others, and I wanted to be a part of that. I am still here today because I believe that the owners and the team at Forsite Benefits are in this business for the right reasons. The entire team truly wants to help people in what can be a very frustrating part of life.”

Gathering and organizing resources at open enrollment is a crucial task all employees should complete: Share this open enrollment checklist with your employees.

Missy’s Open Enrollment Communication Tips:

1.  Evolve your benefit enrollment process. There is technology available that will save you time, money, errors, and stress. Just ask your benefits consultant to help you find a program and/or communication tool that is best fit for your company needs.

a.  Forsite Benefits offers app technology that can send notifications of key benefit information to plan participants, keeping critical yet often forgotten information top-of-mind. An example of this would be access to telehealth and other EAPs.

b.  The Director of HR at Velocity Machine shared her story on how her company evolved their open enrollment process and thrived with the change and new technology.

Here is Nicole’s story >>>

2.  Record your open enrollment meeting. Whether in person or virtually, capture these 30-60 minutes of conversation jam-packed with valuable information. These recordings can be posted in an accessible place for future viewings by any employee for clarification, or when the time comes that they need to better understand their benefits.

3.  One-on-one meetings could make sense for a portion of your population along with the typical company-wide meeting. Open Enrollment meetings typically occur once a year. Not every employee will be an avid user of their health plan. If you have the capacity to thoroughly educate the handful of individuals in your company who will need to access their plan regularly, you can save these individuals and your organization a lot of stress and unnecessary financial burden.

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