How To Execute a Safe & Educational Open Enrollment Post COVID-19

25.06.20 03:08 PM By Forsite Benefits

June 25, 2020 - Employers need to change many aspects of their standard operating procedures due to COVID-19, keeping their employees safety front of mind. As a proactive employee benefit and wellness consulting firm, Forsite Benefits knows the busiest time of year is renewal time for employee benefits. Reliance on virtual technologies is more prevalent than ever, and this includes how employers communicate with employees about their benefits.

Think about what your open enrollment meetings look like. Do you pack all your employees into a room? Are they falling asleep because they are taking the info home to share with their spouse to help, or make, the decision? Maybe you are fortunate enough to split your employees into two groups, so production continues nonstop throughout the day.

The question stands, how will you effectively execute a safe and educational open enrollment this year?  At Forsite Benefits, we believe a crucial part of the solution is utilizing an online benefit election tool. Is your team prepared to offer a virtual open enrollment? Below you will read what we believe is the answer to this lingering question.  

Online benefit election platforms = SAFE open enrollment

1.  From home, employees can learn about and elect their benefits

2.  Conveniently accessible 24/7 for employees to elect on their own time

3.  Uniform messaging for all employees spread across different parts of the state or country

4.  No shuffling of papers, exchanging of germs or of personal information

5.  Helpful videos and documents to educate employees on their options


Online benefit election platforms = Additional ADVANTAGES

1.  Available in multiple languages, including (most requested) Spanish

2.  Ability to house a website link, video, or any employer driven communication piece

3.  Expert customer support

4.  Mobile app for benefit reference and ID cards

5.  Typically cost-neutral


Online benefit election platforms = HAPPY ADMINISTRATORS of employee benefits

1.  Save time during benefit enrollment and with ongoing management by eliminating paper forms, reducing errors, and creating digital files

2.  Receive real-time open enrollment progress and pre-built reports to track new hires’ on-boarding and benefits elections

3.  Generate an excel file with benefits enrollment data to submit to carriers

4.  Get reporting for billing reconciliation, payroll deductions, and plan comprehension, demographic reports, work census reports, enrollment summaries, beneficiaries and more

5.  Distribute required notices electronically and efficiently

Clearly, there are many advantages of utilizing online benefit election platforms, particularly this day and age. But, along with online benefit election tools, there are additional services to consider that aid in offering a safe and educational open enrollment environment.

Working with Forsite Benefits = a safe and educational employee benefit EXPERIENCE

1.  A team to help resolve any employee questions and concerns confidentially

2.  Voice-over open enrollment videos or new hire orientation videos

3.  Virtual open enrollment meetings

4.  Counselors to educate employees on Medicare options

5.  Education on unique populations; young families, special needs, COBRA, etc.


At Forsite we pride ourselves on being forward thinking. We have been offering these tools for multiple years, and consistently bring our clients innovative ideas with your employees in mind. If you would like to learn more about the multiple online benefit election tools we offer, or any additional service we offer, please contact us at:


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