Covid-19 Vaccine and Testing Management

04.11.21 08:25 PM By Forsite Benefits

On November 4, 2021, the Biden Administration announced details of two major vaccination policies. 

Here is the statement >>

In response to many employers' need for a quick solution regarding the January 4th deadline to comply with the new Covid-19 Vaccine or Testing Mandate, Forsite Benefits & Motion Connected have developed an affordable standalone, short-term commitment option for employers seeking such a solution.

This simple and secure management solution allows your organization to:

  • Actively communicate company updates and notices
  • Collect and manage Covid-19 test results
  • Easily view submission with real-time reports
  • Track vaccination and exempt status
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Our Technology is easy to Launch & Manage. Users simply download the Motion Connected app, use your company code to register, and fill in the required information to comply.

Forsite Benefits & Motion Connected are flexible, secure, and reliable partners who can adjust quickly to changing needs, while also supporting your employees' questions and concerns.