Individual ​Health Insurance 

Forsite Benefits can help with individual health insurance plans, whether you are looking for plans on the individual marketplace or your employer offers an ICHRA.

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Why Choose Forsite for Your Individual Advisor?

✅ The price is the same as, but Forsite is there to help

✅ Our Forsite Advocate Team is there to support you throughout the year

✅ Exclusive app to maximize your healthcare dollar

✅ Additional private clinic access for Northeast Wisconsin clients

Accessing Forsite's HealthSherpa

When you're looking into health insurance options, it's essential to have a clear and simple way to view and compare your choices. That's why Forsite Benefits has integrated HealthSherpa into our services. Click "Pick a Plan" below to start your enrollment process on Forsite's HealthSherpa Portal today!

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Why We Use (& Trust) HealthSherpa

Simple User Experience

Health Sherpa has an easy-to-use interface, which makes it more straightforward for you to find and understand your health insurance options.

Time-Saving Plan Selection

It speeds up the whole process, so you can find the right plan faster without getting bogged down in tons of paperwork.

Always Up-to-date Information

Health Sherpa ensures you see the latest plan prices, benefits, and other details. You won't have to worry about outdated information.

Thorough & Compliant Plans

The platform provides all the information you'd want about plans, from benefits summaries to out-of-pocket costs and even details about doctors and medications covered.

Smooth Enrollment Process

Once you've decided on a plan, Health Sherpa makes the enrollment process seamless and integrates directly with the official federal Marketplace.

Helpful Reminders and Support

Health Sherpa will give you reminders about renewing your plan or any follow-ups needed, so you don't miss out on important dates.

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