Ready to watch your Organization Thrive?

Our next-gen app technology is built to serve your employees as they navigate healthcare, connect with your culture and work towards healthier lifestyles. 


The tech you need to run a thriving business


Easily communicate with employees and their families

Multiple locations and remote work has made connecting with employees even more difficult. Leverage our new platform to easily communicate with your modern workforce.

Direct communication

Our message feed allows direct communication to employees, regardless of their location.

On any topic

You can utilize the platform to communicate anything from safety training, to linking payroll access, to employee picnics and more.

To any population segment 

The system also allows for easy segmentation of your population to customize messaging to different groups, like locations, or spouses. You can even message down to the individual employee level.


Support employees as they navigate healthcare

Our app allows for direct connection to the carrier’s network to ensure your employees are getting their care from the most efficient, cost effective providers available.  Have an Employee Assistance Program or Telehealth?  We connect those services in the app to ensure employees always understand what their options are.

Lean on our customer care team

Employees get direct access to our customer care team. Whether it’s a phone call, email or app submission, you can feel secure knowing our team is available to support and guide your employee’s through their benefit questions.

Instantly understand and access the tools

Our app allows not only the employee to have access to all of their benefit information at their fingertips but their spouses as well.  No more searching for benefit summaries or cards when going to the doctor’s office. 

Get answers to their questions, without going to HR

Typically, when an event happens that employees need to understand they go to HR. Now with the app access, they can pull up the information they need instantly. 


Educate employees to encourage healthy habits

Education around benefits & wellness is oftentimes only covered at open enrollment. Our solution aims to fix that. We surround your employees with the education they need to confidently navigate care, and improve their daily health habits.  

Year-round communication

Our educational content encourages healthy behavior and smart benefit consumption year-round. Making sure employees know the true value of healthy living and smart ways to utilize the cost-saving tools available. 

Fun & approachable content

Employees engage with videos, tips and newsletters promoting the benefits of healthy living as well as educational pieces on benefit terms, what to do’s and tips on getting the most for your benefit dollars.

No extra work for you

Our team of experts writes and delivers educational content straight to your employees' phone. So there is no need for you to deliver and distribute the information.


Highlight your company information to keep employees connected 

Your benefits and company perks are awesome! How do you get employees to see the true value? If the information is stuck in silos, with multiple logins, or featured in intranets that are hard to manage & upkeep, it can be a struggle to see success. Get the information into our app and watch employees engage.

Add your culture driven initiatives 

Have a robust 401k match? A fun employee recognition award? Want to highlight your upcoming company events? All this can be done using the EXP technology. 

Get better utilization of the tools available

Having your content all in one central location makes it a one stop shop for employees to understand and use the awesome benefits available.

Showcase your logo & brand

Our company app headers make it easy to showcase your brand and culture to employees. 

The support & information your employees want

The latest company updates

Employees want to be openly communicated with about their benefits. Keep them informed through an open and uncluttered channel. 

'Where they need it' benefits information

Benefits information in the palm of their hand means they won't have to shift through paperwork or contact HR to get the details they need.

Tools for a healthier lifestyle

Employees can link their favorite activity tracker, join fun activity challenges, earn points for their healthy choices and engage with benefits & wellbeing education year-round, all managed by our team. 

Support from our customer care team

Forsite's care team supports and advocates for employees. Whether it’s a phone call, email or app submission, you can feel secure knowing our team is available to support and guide your employees through their benefit questions.

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