• The Ultimate Company vs. Company Step Challenge. 

    Compete against other local area businesses and raise money for a great cause in September.

    Registration will open June 2021 for the 5th annual Move Challenge.


​Be a role model for your company and your community by getting active this fall.

Join other local businesses as we get active in the month of September, and raise funds for this year’s charity partner: CP. Their organization provides life changing therapy and life skills services for people with disabilities throughout Northeast Wisconsin


Last year we had over 51 Greater Green Bay & Fox Valley organizations compete, and those teams raised over $14,000! Can we top that in 2020? Let’s try! 


What does a $250 donation get your organization?

Access to a month-long company vs. company step challenge using the Motion Connected app.

Fun mini contests and giveaways throughout the month-long challenge.

An awards ceremony to celebrate your team's accomplishments.

Public recognition for your company's involvement to show how much you care about the health & wellbeing of the community we all work and live in.

​This year's Charity Partner: CP

100% of the challenge proceeds benefit CP. Their mission is to help all people live the lives they want to live and achieve things they didn't think they could. 

Whether community members need aquatic exercise, therapy services, adult day services, childcare or even a combination of programs, they provide more help to our community than ever before, with locations in Green Bay, Fox Valley & Lakeshore.

Learn more about CP

​How it Works:

1. Register & Donate!

Support your Greater Green Bay & Fox Valley communities! 100% of each team's $250 MOVE registration fee (not collected immediately at registration) will benefit CP, celebrating all abilities and unlocking potential. Not sure who will be on your team? You can still register as the team captain to start, and build out your team of steppers throughout the summer.

2. Invite Your Employees to Join Your Team

After you register, you'll receive a welcome email with all of the information you need to start building your MOVE team. Coworkers, friends and family are all eligible to participate. Send out the instructions & invite them to join in on the fun! If activity devices are needed, our discounted Fitbit or Garmin devices are sold through our easy-to-use Wellness Outlet store.

3. Employees Download the Motion Connected App & Connect Their Compatible Activity Tracker

Once the Motion Connected app is downloaded, participants can activate a Motion Connected account, and join the challenge. Next, participants link a favorite activity tracking device; be it a Fitbit, Garmin or Apple Watch, or a smartphone to track steps. On September 1st, your team's steps will begin adding up!

4. Compete & Have Fun!

The top 3 teams with the highest daily average steps will be crowned the Champions, complete with bragging rights & an engraved award to display in the office.  Your team can also compete for a spot in the 10k Club by reaching a 10,000 step average during the MOVE challenge month. Unlock this achievement, & Forsite Benefits will add $50 in your name to the donation pool! Remember to watch your email and follow @Forsitebenefits on Facebook & LinkedIn for fun prizes & giveaways! 

​Frequently Asked Questions

How does the challenge work?

Using a Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch or iPhone you & 7 plus of your teammates will work together to track your steps during the month of September. You’ll be able to login to the Motion Connected online portal via your personal account to monitor your leaderboard standings, chat with teammates and competitors and partake in fun weekly giveaways.

Each individual employee on the team will activate an account. From there they will link the activity tracker of their choice to the portal. The challenge will kick off September 1st and you simply need to strap on your device, start moving and offload data! Data will then automatically populate within 15 minutes to the leaderboard of the challenge. 

How will steps be tracked in the challenge?

Steps will be averaged per person, per day which means teams of different sizes can compete on an even playing field. An individual cap will be set to 25,000 steps per day. Any steps a person takes that exceeds that amount won't be counted in the team average. 

How much does it cost to register?

$250 is the minimum sign up / donation fee. 100% of proceeds will benefit the area charity partner! We recommend going above the minimum fee if you have a larger team size. You'll be able to fill in the amount you wish to donate at time of registration.

What is the challenge goal?

At the end of the month, the top 3 teams with the highest daily step average will be named Move Champions, complete with bragging rights a trophy presented at a public awards ceremony. (also please note: There will be pizza present!)  

Better yet, any team who reaches the 10,000 daily step average, will be inducted into the 10k club. (see next question) 

What is the 10k Club?

f your team averages 10,000 steps or more during the challenge you'll be added to the 10k club and, alongside the top 3 teams, will be recognized for your healthy achievement at an awards celebration held in October. Also new for this year, Forsite Benefits will donate an extra $50 to any team that reaches this 10k milestone. 

How many teammates do I need?

You'll need a minimum of 7. Spouses and children (over the age of 18) of employees are welcomed to join.

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About Us:  Forsite Benefits is a health & wellness employee benefits agency headquartered in Green Bay, WI. We are passionate about helping companies and their employees successfully navigate the often changing health insurance landscape. We've offered the Move challenge for the past 4 years to help raise awareness for local charities, while also promoting the power of health & wellbeing in the communities we live and work in.

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