Addressing Physical & Mental Health in the Workplace

09.06.21 02:15 PM By Forsite Benefits

Having resources, programs and policies that support employees' physical and mental health does not fall under the 'would be nice to have' category for current employees or job candidates. Such perks are sought after and necessary for long-term success. New data is showing that the effects of the pandemic remain a major concern. Individuals in the workplace, from all departments, continue to struggle.

  • 41% of Americans report an adverse mental health condition, up from 11% in 2019, according to a recent study released by the Kaiser Family Foundation.
  • The CDC projects an increase of 50% in prevalence of mental health and substance use disorder in the first 12 months post-onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

​Providing well-being resources in the workplace boosts employee productivity, job satisfaction and overall health.

There is currently a disconnect between how employers feel about the level of support they offer for employee well-being, versus how employees perceive having access to services and workplace stigma. 

78% of employees report that improving their health and wellbeing is a high priority, while also reporting that they wish their employers would offer more health and wellbeing services. 

Organizations are being called to create a culture that promotes productivity, happiness, and overall well-being, helping employees be more resilient, productive, and less stressed. 

3 Steps You Can Take to Support Employee Well-being

Step One | Communicate

The presented disconnect in the last year regarding the availability of resources versus employees' perception of access shows that communication is key to effective offerings. Choose an uncluttered, engaging medium where you can relay important information to your employees. Whether email or a company intranet, know that choosing a communication method is the most important step you will take in helping your employees and organization thrive.

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Step Two | Educate

Using your chosen communication channel, educate your employees on the resources available to them. These resources could include employee assistance programs through their benefits package, hotlines, financial assistance programs, healthcare education, phone numbers to benefit advisors or information on your company wellness program.

Step Three | Remind

Encouraging the utilization of and engagement with the resources provided is important. Be sure to frequently communicate reminders to your employees about why mental and physical health are important, as well as what resource are available to help them achieve their well-being goals. 

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