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05.10.21 09:37 PM By Forsite Benefits
OSHA to Mandate Vaccine and Testing Temporary Standard for COVID-19
IRS Issues Employer Guidance for Reporting 2021 FFCRA Leave
Proposed Rule Would Expand Electronic Filing, Including ACA Reporting
Tune Up Your Communication Strategy For 2021

OSHA to Mandate Vaccine and Testing Temporary Standard for COVID-19​

On Sept. 9, 2021, President Biden announced that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is developing an emergency temporary standard (ETS). The new ETS will require private-sector employers with 100 or more employees to ensure their workforce is fully vaccinated or test negative for COVID-19 every week before coming to work.

This announcement follows the vaccination, masking and social distancing requirements issued by the president in July for the public sector—federal employees and on-site contractors.

There currently is no time frame as to when the new ETS will be released. The government estimates that the ETS will impact over 80 million private-sector workers.

Current OSHA ETS
OSHA currently has a COVID-19 ETS for the health care and health care support workers. This ETS covers hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities; emergency responders; home health care workers; and employees in ambulatory care settings where suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients are treated.

OSHA has also issued guidance to help employers and workers not covered by the health care ETS. This guidance is to help employers protect workers who are unvaccinated, otherwise at-risk, or fully vaccinated but in areas of substantial or high community transmission.

Next Steps
Employers should continue to protect at-risk, unvaccinated and fully vaccinated workers. Employers should also monitor OSHA communication channels to become familiar with the expected private sector ETS once it is published.

IRS Issues Employer Guidance for Reporting 2021 FFCRA Leave​

IRS Notice 2021-53, issued Sept. 7, 2021, provides guidance for employers on how to report sick and family leave wages for employee leave taken in 2021 under the Families First Coronavirus Relief Act (FFCRA), as amended by the COVID-related Tax Relief Act of 2020 and the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. In July 2020, the IRS issued Notice 2020-54 about reporting for FFCRA leave taken in 2020.

Reporting Requirement
Employers are required to report qualified 2021 FFCRA leave wages to employees on either a 2021 Form W-2, Box 14, or in a separate statement provided with the Form W-2. The requirement applies only to employers who claim tax credits for the leave wages under the relevant legislation.

According to the notice, there are separate reporting requirements for leave provided from Jan. 1, 2021, to March 31, 2021, and for leave provided from April 1, 2021, to Sept. 30, 2021. The notice gives additional specific reporting instructions for leave wages that must be entered on Box 1, 3 or 5 of Form W-2. The guidance also includes model language employers may provide as part of the Form W-2, Box 14 “Instructions for Employee,” or in a separate statement.

Paid Sick and Family Leave Under FFCRA
The FFCRA, passed in March 2020, required employers with fewer than 500 employees to provide paid sick and family leave for specific COVID-19-related reasons and included employer tax credits to cover leave costs. The leave requirement expired in December 2020. However, the Tax Relief Act of 2020 and the American Rescue Plan Act extended the tax credits for employers who chose to continue to provide FFCRA leave, first through March 31, 2021, and then through Sept. 30, 2021.

Requirement Applies to Employers that Offer Prescription Drug Coverage
Employers who sponsor group health plans that offer prescription drug coverage to Medicare-eligible individuals must provide a Medicare part D Creditable or Non-Creditable Coverage Notice to those individuals before October 15.

These notices inform Medicare-eligible individuals whether the plan's prescription drug coverage is expected to pay, on average, as much as the standard Medicare prescription drug coverage (meaning it is "creditable").
For more information on this notice requirement, including links to downloadable model notices, click here >>

Proposed Rule Would Expand Electronic Filing​​​​

On July 23, 2021, the IRS published a proposed rule that would expand the requirement to file certain information returns electronically, including those under the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) reporting requirements in Internal Revenue Code Section 6055 and Section 6056.

  • For Form 1094 series, Forms 1095-B and 1095-C, Form 1099 series and Form 5498 series, electronic filing would be required for entities that file 100 or more returns for due dates in 2022, and 10 or more returns after that. The proposal would also require aggregation of most information returns when calculating these thresholds.
  • Entities that file at least 10 returns of any type would be required to electronically file Form 5330 for tax years ending on or after the date final rules are published, and Form 8955-SSA for plan years beginning on or after Jan. 1, 2022.
  • For entities required to file Form 5500, the proposed rule would require entities that file at least 10 returns of any type to file Form 5500 electronically for plan years beginning after Dec. 31, 2021.

This proposal would effectively eliminate paper filings for most employers. However, the proposed rule has not been finalized and is not effective at this time.

Tune Up Your Communication Strategy For 2022​

Effective managers must be strong communicators to inspire and lead their teams. Unfortunately, the demands of the day-to-day workplace ensure communication gets put on the back burner which can be detrimental to employee engagement, company culture, and the retention of your workforce. 

Consider this: You are always communicating with your employees through the organization’s work environment, corporate culture, and the relationship built with employees.

Employees should be;

1.      Consistently engaged in company culture

2.      Provided resources to perform their job efficiently but also take care of themselves

3.      Communicated with on a regular basis using an effective, convenient platform.

Get a Communication Tune Up! >>

The 5th Annual Forsite Move Challenge

The 5th annual Forsite Move Challenge was completed on September 30th and the results are in! 

  • 1st place: Team WBAY | 17,576 daily step average 
  • 2nd place: Team Zepnick Solutions | 16,735 daily step average 
  • 3rd place: Team Optima Machinery 14,823 daily step average 

48 Wisconsin teams stepped with us for CP, raising $10,650. $1,050 of those dollars were earned by the 21 teams that achieved above 10,000 daily steps. We continue to be humbled and grateful for our community, and the ability to come together and give back.

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