The Forsite Move Challenge Inside Scoop

11.08.20 07:29 PM By Forsite Benefits


Who Started the Move Challenge?

Forsite Benefits & Wellness launched the annual Move Challenge in 2017 to provide the Greater Green Bay and Fox Valley communities of Northeast Wisconsin a way to come together for a charitable cause. Today, the Move Challenge has welcomed over 100 teams, raised ~$45,000 for local charity, and has expanded participation to organizations throughout all of Wisconsin.

What is the Move Challenge?

Teams of 7+ employees from organizations throughout Wisconsin throw their hat in the ring to compete for the highest daily group step average and title of Move Champion. What does this honor bring your team? Bragging rights, pride, community exposure and recognition, that wonderful feeling when you give back, a personal growth experience, a trophy and so much more. 

Where Does the Move Challenge take place?

Throughout the remote Move Challenge 'race' experience, all challenge progress and team stats are tracked within the Motion Connected corporate wellness app! Team members take initiative to pick those steps up on their own or together. In the office halls, parking lot, or a nice scenic outdoor walk are just some of the places Move competitors got their feet shuffling to get more steps in their day. 

Forsite Benefits’ Facebook & LinkedIn pages also keep participants in the loop of challenge progress, and share details of mini contests and giveaways throughout the challenge duration.

When does the Move Challenge happen?

The ultimate company vs company step challenge fills the entire month of September each year. Registration is open in the summer months leading up to day one of the challenge, September 1. 

Why should anyone register for the Move Challenge?

For so many reasons. The most notable being;

  • To raise funds for a local charity partner each year, funding resources that go right back into our community. 100% of the Move Challenge proceeds (registration fees, 10k club pledges, and additional donations) go directly to our beneficiaries. This year, our charity partner is CP.
  • To introduce healthy lifestyle habits to our neighbors, employees, friends, family, and teammates, impacting overall population health and building healthier lifestyle habits that stick.
  • To bring all of Wisconsin together for some community interaction, charitable giving, networking and FUN.

How can anyone join the Move Challenge?

It’s actually pretty simple. Your first step is locating a team captain. That team captain might even be you! No need to form your entire team before registering, simply register under the team captains name and build the rest of your team (7+ coworkers, family or friends) up to September 1. Following registration, you’ll be contacted by our charity partner and invoiced for your $250 team registration fee, AKA your generous donation to the Move Challenge’s cause. 

Each teammate will need to download the Motion Connected app on their smart phone, slap on their trusty step tracker (Garmin, Fitbit, Apple watch…) in preparation for September 1; the day our Motion Connected app will start counting your steps for a team average.


Forsite Benefits has built countless tangible and intangible benefits into each year’s Move Challenge experience that all participating companies can look forward to.

1.  Complimentary access to our wellness app, Motion Connected.

a.  For the 30 days that the Move Challenge takes place, each participating team will gain complimentary access to our fine-tuned corporate wellness solution.

2.  A month-long challenge, created and mediated for you.

a.  Challenges are a fun and effective way to improve lifestyle habits, but creating a challenge and mediating progress is no small feat. That is why our Forsite Benefits | Motion Connected team does the work for you.

3.  Mini contest and giveaways.

a.  Throughout the month-long challenge, Forsite Benefits will post weekly opportunities on social media to win prizes. Follow us on Facebook & LinkedIn! These prizes could be a pair of wireless earbuds, giftcards, wellness swag or a gift basket for the office.

4.  Additional opportunities to give back! 

a.  Have we mentioned the 10k club? If your team averages 10,000 steps a day or more, an additional $50 donation will be made in your name to this year's charity partner, CP. Plus, we’ll provide you some hardware proof to display in the office for your accomplishment.

5.  An outlet to form healthy lifestyle habits.

a.  6,000 steps a day. That is the needle-moving, magic number we love to see individuals achieve in order to make a noticeable difference in their overall health. 6,000 steps a day fights obesity, chronic disease, fatigue, depression, and so much more. The Move Challenge encourages one month of significant daily movement, to help form habits that lead to a healthier lifestyle. 


So what are you waiting for? It’s time to step up. Register your Move team today. 

The Forsite Move Challenge