Webinar: Elevating the Employee Experience

16.02.21 03:57 PM By Forsite Benefits

The following webinar session was hosted by the Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce featuring speakers from workplace wellness experts Motion Connected and Forsite Benefits.

AUDIENCE: HR professionals, Management, Operations, and others in positions of leadership. 

CONTENT:  If 2020 taught us anything, it is that the workplace is changing. How can organizations adapt to these changing needs, build a more employee-friendly workplace, and achieve long-term business success?  In this session, we discuss ways to increase engagement, boost retention, and create a positive employee experience. 

  • Learn best-practice communication methods to reach a diverse workforce.
  • Discover engagement strategies to attract and retain employees.
  • Better understand the role of well-being in the time of COVID; is worksite wellness a solution?


Sarah Troup, Director of Wellness StrategyMotionConnected
Sarah Troup has over 10 years of experience helping employers, healthcare systems, and brokers implement engaging wellness programs that drive positive health outcomes.


Amanda Rudd, Senior Wellness Strategist | MotionConnected

Amanda's passion is to help individuals make positive lifestyle changes affecting body, mind, and spirit.  By implementing evidence-based strategies and programs, she brings customization to a population's needs.

Will Robinson, Director of Business Development, Forsite Connected Team | wrobinson@forsitebenefits.com

Will plays the role of connector and strategic resource for area organizations by identifying their most urgent challenges and aligning them with the right solutions, talent and strategic partners to move their business forward.

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